GstarCAD Mechanical

GstarCAD Mechanical 2016

GstarCAD Mechanical 2015 covers all fields of mechanical design.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2016 covers all fields of mechanical design.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2016 is released with many new features added and function optimization, covers all fields of mechanical design. It supplies the latest standard parts library, symbols, and dimensioning tools in line with standards of different countries, being compatible with AutoCAD Mechanical drawings. The standardized and intelligent mechanical design greatly enhances efficiency and helps complete accurate product ideas.

What’s New

1. FitsList - generates fits list from dimensions in drawing area, place at selected location.

2. Library – simplify the work of managing and using engineering drawing files with command GMLIBRARY.

3. Mechanical Layer Manager - Automatic Property Management is pre-configured to create objects on specific layers. If the layer doesn't exist, the command automatically creates the layer.

4. Layer Groups Manager - create and edit multiple sets of mechanical layers.

5. New added 12 commands for processing Mechanical Layers

6. Power Snap – enable you to save up to four sets of object snaps and switch between them.

7. Add the API to PDM software Windchill, now available to Siemens Teamcenter?PTC Windchill etc.


1. Detail View and Section Line: Compatible with the data of ACM14 and ACM15

2. Completely re-write multiple dimension function, compatible with ACM

3. Bug fixes of old version and more function optimization

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GstarCAD Mechanical


GstarCAD Mechanical 2016